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Employers of seasonal workers: Always use the up-to-date forms from the website

1.4.2021 15.01

If you use Enter Finland for Employers to complete the information on the terms of employment, your employee’s application can be processed faster.

If you cannot use Enter Finland for Employers, submit the terms of employment using the paper form TY6_plus. Always use the form that is available on the website The forms on are always up to date.

If you, for example, use a TY6_plus form that you have saved to your computer earlier, it may have become outdated. If the form is outdated, we need to ask for additional information from you separately, which will lead to a longer processing time.

Did you notice that our bank account numbers have changed? 

If you cannot pay for an application for a seasonal worker in the online service Enter Finland for Employers, you can pay it by a bank transfer directly into the account of the Finnish Immigration Service FI59 8129 9710 0117 35 or FI86 1804 3000 0154 04.

Our bank account numbers changed at the turn of the year, but many payments of processing fees by employers have still been made into the old bank account. If you use a bank transfer to pay for an application, please make sure that you use our new bank account numbers.

Use Enter Finland for Employers if possible

In the Enter Finland for Employers, you can compete the terms of employment and pay the processing fee. When you use the online service, you can be sure that the details are up to date and that the payment will be directed to the correct bank account. 

You can read more about how to use Enter Finland for Employers on the page

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