Espoo Reception Centre to be quarantined due to coronavirus infections – Luona co-operating with Finnish Immigration Service and health authorities

30.4.2020 16.35
Press release

The Nihtisilta Reception Centre in Espoo has been placed under quarantine due to coronavirus infections. The quarantine decision was made on 30 April by the City of Espoo infectious diseases unit.

Coronavirus testing has been carried out at the Reception Centre this week due to multiple coronavirus cases. At this time, most of the personnel and about 200 of the asylum seekers resident at the Centre have been tested. The first test results have been received, and of the 90 samples analysed so far, about 35 were positive. The remaining results will be received next week.

Prior to this, a total of 27 coronavirus infections had been found at reception centres run by Luona. Some of those infected have already recovered, and none have been hospitalised. The Reception Centre houses about 410 asylum seekers.

The Finnish Immigration Service is cooperating with Luona Ltd and the health authorities.

‘The reception centres have action plans in place to deal with coronavirus outbreaks, and many measures have been taken at the centres and in the reception system in general to prevent the spreading of the pandemic. In particular, the institutional conditions at reception centres represent a major challenge,’  Pekka Nuutinen, Director of the Reception Unit at the Finnish Immigration Service, notes.

Luona are responsible for the day-to-day operations and practical arrangements of the reception centre in Espoo.

The Finnish Immigration Service is tasked with guiding, planning and monitoring the operation of reception centres in Finland. The centres are maintained by parties such as municipalities, companies and NGOs. The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for two state-run reception centres in Oulu and Joutseno, as well as detention units in Helsinki and Joutseno.

Further information for the media

  • Finnish Immigration Service: Pekka Nuutinen, Director of the Reception Unit, tel. 0295 433 037, [email protected]
  • Luona Ltd: Business Director Suvi Salonen, tel. 040 5285779, [email protected] 

This press release was published in Finnish on 30 April.