Survey: Asylum seekers feel safe at reception centres

10.7.2018 9.07
Press release

Asylum seekers find living at reception centres to be generally safe, according to a survey for reception centre clients carried out last spring by the centres and the Finnish Immigration Service. Women found the centres to be somewhat safer than men, though there was some variation in the responses.

Asylum seekers were asked about their experiences on the operation of reception centres. They were asked to assess, for instance, their general feeling of safety, treatment by staff, and help received from employees.

A total of 1,267 asylum seekers at 26 reception centres took part in the survey. In addition, 33 responses were received from units for unaccompanied minors.

Asylum seekers want language teaching and help with job search

Clients who took part in the survey generally felt that they have been treated well and equally by reception centre employees. Some felt that asylum seekers are treated differently depending on their cultural background or gender.

In general, clients felt that they can turn to reception centre employees for help when needed. More help was requested for job search, in particular. Finnish language teaching was considered to be a positive aspect. Asylum seekers wished for more language teaching at the centres.

Some hope for more activities to fill the day

The survey included open-ended questions for asylum seekers to share their views on the positives and negatives of reception centres, the kind of help they would like to receive from employees, and how they would improve operations at reception centres.

Negative feedback was given on matters such as the remote location of the centres and cleanliness. Improvements were hoped for the level of comfort of the centres. Some respondents wished for more everyday activities to be arranged for adults and children at reception centres.

Positive aspects brought up in the responses included safety and stability. Many asylum seekers also commended the readiness of employees to help with everyday matters and various problems.

The survey results will be used to develop reception centre services.

Read the summary of the survey (in Finnish only):

Aikuisten ja perheiden yksiköiden asiakaspalautteen yhteenveto

Alaikäisyksiköiden asiakaspalautteen yhteenveto

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