Finnish Immigration Service conducted a successful fact-finding mission to Russia

21.12.2018 13.24
Press release

Two researchers from the Country Information Service of the Finnish Immigration Service visited Moscow on a fact-finding mission in November–December.

Representatives of different organisations and authorities were interviewed during the mission. Information was gathered about the course of the criminal procedure in Russia, the situation in the North Caucasus, the circumstances of Jehovah’s witnesses and political activist, as well as the processes for granting citizenship and a passport. In addition, the purpose of the mission was to strengthen the local contact and cooperation network in use at the County Information Service.

When ready, a report on the fact-finding mission will be posted on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Prior to this mission, the Country Information Service’s last fact-finding mission concerning Russia took place in 2011.

Aim to create a routine for visiting asylum seekers’ countries of origin

Earlier this year, the researchers at the Country Information Service have conducted fact-finding missions also to Somalia, Afghanistan and Syria.

The Finnish Immigration Service aims to make fact-finding missions routine, so that its experts can visit the countries more often.

The fact-finding missions are part of the Country Information Service’s FAKTA project at the Finnish Immigration Service. The project has received EU funding from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

The Country Information Service of the Finnish Immigration Service produces country of origin information (COI) in particular about the countries from which asylum seekers, quota refugees and other immigrants come to Finland. Researchers at the Country Information Service do not participate in the decision-making process regarding residence permits, or in the establishment of country guidelines.

The country of origin information that is used in support of decision-making is not solely based on fact-finding missions, but is gathered from several different sources and is continuously updated. Such sources are for example the UN refugee agency UNHCR, international and local human rights organisations, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, and researchers from other countries’ immigration services.

Further information for the media

  • General information on the FAKTA project: Satu Ruotsalainen, Project Manager,
    email: [email protected], tel. +358 295 430 431
  • Further details on country information concerning Russia: Maria Kyrönlahti, Researcher,
    email: [email protected], tel. +358 295 430 431