Are you planning on visiting our service point? Book your appointment in advance

20.6.2019 9.22
Press release

Be sure to book your appointment in advance if you are planning on visiting a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. At our service points, we only hand out numbered tickets for urgent matters.

You may receive a numbered ticket if you are applying for your first residence permit, or if your current permit or passport expires within the next two months and no suitable times are available for advance booking.

By booking your appointment in advance, your visit will proceed smoothly. You can arrive just before your appointment without the need to wait for your turn. Book an appointment in our online service:

Tips for handling your matter smoothly:

  • Fill in the application before your appointment. You can fill in the application either in the Enter Finland service or with a paper form.
  • Be sure to have the processing fee for your application ready. We cannot begin processing your application until you have paid the processing fee.
  • If you are planning on travelling during the summer holidays, we recommend that you get your residence permit in order well in advance. By ensuring that your residence permit is valid, you will have no trouble returning to Finland. However, a holiday trip is not a valid reason to fast-track your application process.
  • For instructions and advice, visit our website, chat with the chatbot Kamu or call our telephone service.