Processing time of asylum applications limited to 6 months from 20 July onwards

18.7.2018 16.06
Press release

A new law on the maximum processing times of asylum applications will enter into force on 20 July. Under the new law, asylum applications submitted on 20 July 2018 and after must be processed within 6 months.

The change concerns applications submitted on or after 20 July 2018

The new processing time concerns applications submitted on or after 20 July 2018. The processing time begins from the time at which the asylum application is submitted to police or border officials.

The 6-month limit on processing times does not apply to applications submitted before 20 July 2018.

For such applications, an estimate of the processing time is given during the asylum interview.

Under certain conditions, the processing time may be longer under the new legislation. If the estimated processing time given in the interview changes or the statutory time of 6 months is insufficient for processing the application, the applicant will be notified separately.

The estimated processing time of your application can be calculated on the website.

Use the processing time checker to calculate the expected processing time of your application.

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