Auramo reception centre moves

30.10.2017 14.12
Press release

The Auramo reception centre in Vantaa will move to a facility in Metsälä, Helsinki, due to indoor air problems. The reception centre is maintained by the Finnish Red Cross.

The Auramo reception centre currently has 200 beds and some 170 inhabitants. In addition, some 200 asylum seekers who live in private accommodation are registered at the reception centre.

The majority of the inhabitants will move to the facility in Metsälä, which has more than 100 beds. The reception centre will also offer services to 250 asylum seekers living in private accommodation. The rest of the inhabitants will be accommodated at other reception centres.

The move from Auramo will take place as soon as possible.

Further information for the media

Finnish Red Cross: Executive Director Petri Kaukiainen, e-mail:, tel. 020 701 2363

Finnish Immigration Service: Head of Section Kimmo Lehto, e-mail:, tel. 0295 430 431