Changes to PFS debit card for asylum seekers

5.3.2018 14.49
Press release

Changes will be made to the features of the prepaid card for asylum seekers issued by the Finnish Immigration Service. The changes will apply to Prepaid Financial Services Ltd’s debit cards but not to Moni cards.

Cash withdrawal limit as from 1 April 2018

Starting from 1 April 2018, the Finnish Immigration Service will pay for two withdrawals from an ATM. Withdrawals made during the remainder of the month will be paid by the card user.

The cost of a cash withdrawal will be automatically debited from your account in conjunction with the withdrawal. This means that there must be sufficient funds in the account.

Cash withdrawal prices as from 1 April 2018

Amount to be withdrawn

Price per withdrawal

250,00 € or below

1,52 €

250,01 € or over

1,00 € + 0,35 % of the withdrawal amount

As from 1 April 2018, the maximum amount of cash that may be withdrawn per day will be 750 euros.

Payment by card in shops will not incur costs. The card may be used in shops to make purchases up to a total of 1,000 euros per day, but no limit will be placed on the number of purchases.

Balance checking at ATMs

The card’s balance can be checked at Nosto ATMs. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to check your balance at Otto ATMs. Balance checking at an ATM is free of charge.

Online service works on mobile phones

The online service for cardholders now also works on mobile phones. The online service enables you to check your card’s balance, view account transactions and report the card lost.

Automatic telephone service and personal customer service

The automatic telephone service on +358 203 551 44 is available in Finnish, Swedish and now also in English. You can obtain a new PIN code if you have forgotten your current one, check your card’s balance and report your card lost or stolen.

The personal customer service on +358 295 419 200 is available in Finnish and English from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 15.00. Unfortunately, the customer service agent is not able to answer all calls. If your call is not answered, please try again later.

Before making a call, take out your prepaid card and reception centre customer card. If an interpreter is used during the call, the cardholder himself/herself must be present.

Calls to either number will be charged in accordance with the caller’s telephone subscription agreement (local network charge/mobile call charge). Service charges will not be made.