New e-service for counsels and representatives of asylum seekers and residence permit applicants opens

27.9.2018 14.16
Press release

Enter Finland for Advisors and Representatives aims to offer a new customer service channel for the asylum seeking process.

The new e-service improves data security and makes the exchange of documents between applicants’ legal counsels and representatives and the Finnish Immigration Service faster. Counsels and representatives can check the status of their clients’ applications online, which hopefully will reduce the need to contact the agency through other channels and make it easier to handle matters on behalf of a client.

For whom is the e-service intended and how do I use it?

The e-service is primarily intended for asylum seekers’ counsels and representatives. Enter Finland for Advisors and Representatives cannot be used in other matters, such as in citizenship matters.

To access the service, go to and log in using the identification service. Attorneys, legal counsels, guardians and representatives can use the e-service to verify that they have the right to represent a client in matters handled at the Finnish Immigration Service. In the e-service, a client can only have one counsel and one representative at a time. Counsels and representatives can, however, use the service on behalf of several clients at a time.

What can I do in the service?

Starting from 27 September 2018, counsels and representatives may use the service to:

  • follow the status of a client’s application and the processing of the matter;
  • send additional information to the Finnish Immigration Service;
  • request documents from the Finnish Immigration Service.

The development of the service continues, and new functions will be planned and added even after the launch.

The project has been granted support from the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).