Are you coming to do seasonal work in Finland? Read the checklist for seasonal workers

4.3.2020 11.50
Press release

You will require a permit for seasonal work if you are coming to Finland from outside the EU to do seasonal work. Seasonal workers are hired to work in Finnish strawberry farms and winter sports resorts, for example.

Please note that temporary agency work is not seasonal work. See the list of seasonal work.

Does your job last for less than 3 months?

Does your job last for 3–9 months?

  • Apply for a seasonal work permit.
  • Submit the application in the Enter Finland online service and provide proof of your identity abroad at a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate). If you are unable to apply online, submit a paper application at a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate).

If your job lasts for more than six months, the decision-making involves two phases. First, the Employment and Economic Development Office issues a partial decision. Then the Finnish Immigration Service processes the application.

Submit your application conveniently in the Enter Finland online service

You should use the Enter Finland online service to submit your application. You can use the service to follow the progress of your application.

Employers can also create a user account in Enter Finland. You can grant the employer permission to use the service in issues related to your seasonal work permit. For example, the employer can add attachments to your application, for example.

Questions? Read the frequently asked questions

You can find answers to most questions related to seasonal work on the website.

We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions on our website in Finnish, Swedish, English, Ukrainian and Russian. Read the frequently asked questions.

Read more about seasonal work and instructions on how to apply.

Watch the seminar on seasonal work. 

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