Backlog of applications transferred from the police has been almost cleared

Migri 11.7.2017 15.32
Press release

The backlog of applications transferred from the police to the Finnish Immigration Service has now been almost cleared. Only approximately 30 applications are in queue for processing. These applications will be processed during July.

Currently, decisions have been made on approximately 7,655 applications. The remaining applications are currently being processed, and still require clarifications and decisions. Partial decisions still need to be made on about 30 applications.

9,000 applications from the police

The police transferred about 9,000 incomplete applications to the Finnish Immigration Service at the beginning of 2017, when all permit matters for foreign nationals were centralised to the agency.

The transferred applications are primarily for:

  • extensions to permits
  • permanent residence permits
  • renewal of a residence permit card
  • EU registration and residence cards for the family members of EU citizens.

The transferred applications do not include asylum applications, which have always been handled by the Finnish Immigration Service.

We aim to make decisions on the remaining applications as soon as possible

If we require further clarifications regarding your application, we will contact you. If we do not request further clarification, you do not need to contact us or provide any such information. We will try to make decisions on the remaining applications as soon as possible. Calling us or visiting our service point will not speed up the processing of your application.

Decisions are mailed, not picked up from a service point

When the decision has been made, we will mail it to the address you provided. In other words, you cannot pick up the decision at a service point.

As we have now almost cleared the backlog of transferred applications, we will no longer provide weekly updates on the processing status of these applications.

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