Asylum seeker: Let us know the grounds for your subsequent application already when applying

9.8.2018 12.09
Press release

You can submit a new application if you have received a final decision on your previous applica-tion. If your previous decision can still be appealed, the decision is not final.

According to the law, an asylum application can be submitted later in the following cases:

  • The circumstances in your home country have changed.
  • You have not been able to present a statement in support of your application until later.
  • There are other reasonable grounds.

Report the new grounds when you reapply for asylum at a police service point. At the same time, you should hand in all additional information. The information can be documents, pictures or other evidence supporting your matter. This is important because the Finnish Immigration Service will conduct a preliminary investigation based on this information and decide if the application contains grounds for continuing the investigation.

Handing in additional information does not automatically mean that a new asylum interview is arranged. The need for an interview is decided during the preliminary investigation.

A new asylum interview is only arranged if you present new grounds that will influence the decision

Do not wait until the asylum interview at the Finnish Immigration Service to present your additional information and new grounds. A new asylum interview will only be arranged if you have presented new grounds or evidence influencing the decision. If you have not presented this kind of evidence, your application will be dismissed.

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