Introduction of new prepaid cards is being planned for next year

23.11.2018 15.48
Press release

The Finnish Immigration Service is still investigating whether the prepaid cards meant for asylum seekers could be used on a larger scale. Some reception centres have been testing prepaid cards that are meant for the payment of the reception allowance and wages to asylum seekers.

In September, we announced that there was a delay in the introduction of the new prepaid cards.

At present, our goal is to start using the prepaid cards offered by Prepaid Financial Services Ltd (PFS) in all reception centres during the year 2019. We will provide more information when we know more about the schedule.

If you are currently using a Moni card or a PFS card, you can keep using it in a normal manner. If you need a new Moni card for the payment of your wages, you can contact the customer service of the Moni card. Employers can pay wages onto the card normally.

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