Did you try to call? The telephone service is busy – check the information given online first

Migri 2.8.2017 10.57
Press release

The telephone services of the Finnish Immigration Service are extremely busy. More than 218,000 customer calls have been made to the Finnish Immigration Service so far this year.

Customer service staff are doing their best, but unfortunately not all those who call get through. We are sorry about this and intend to develop and improve our operations. We have hired more staff for our telephone service. However, this will not entirely eliminate the congestion in the telephone service. The resources of the Finnish Immigration Service are limited and our main focus is on processing applications. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot provide a personal telephone service to all those who want it.

Personal customer service by telephone is intended primarily for those who are unable to use our website. Other customers can use our website and the Enter Finland service at their own convenience. We are overhauling our website to meet the needs of our customers even better.

Please note that, over the telephone, you cannot:

  • book, change, cancel or check a service point appointment,
  • receive an evaluation of whether your matter is urgent, that is, whether or not you can handle your matter with a waiting number,
  • obtain information on processing times that is not given in the information on our website.

Information is available on our website and from the Enter Finland service

Please remember that on our website you will find:

  • expected processing times
  • instructions for booking an appointment at a service point
  • a link to the appointment booking system
  • application requirements, necessary attachments and other instructions for different situations.

The processing of applications can sometimes takes longer than expected. If you have not received a decision within the expected timeframe, your application has not disappeared or been forgotten. It is still being processed, but this is taking slightly longer than expected.

If you submitted your application through the Enter Finland service, keep track of its status there. If the service indicates that your application has been approved, but you have not received your residence permit card yet, please wait patiently. It sometimes takes longer than the indicated two weeks to mail the card.

You can also get information from Virka Info

The City of Helsinki’s Information Centre on Immigration Issues (Virka Info) provides information in many languages. People who live outside the Greater Helsinki area can also use this service. Many service channels are available. Virka Info provides advice on many issues concerning residence permits, EU registration and applying for citizenship. However, Virka Info cannot comment on the status of individual applications under processing at the Finnish Immigration Service.

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