Decisions made on applications for residence permits for studies beginning in autumn

Migri 22.9.2016 15.12
Press release

The majority of residence permit applications for studies starting in the autumn have been processed. From 1 January to 15 September 2016, a total of 5,511 decisions have been made for students. Approximately 92 per cent of the decisions were positive. The reason for negative decisions was usually the student having unclear means of support.

At the moment, we begin to process applications by students almost immediately after the applications have arrived at the Finnish Immigration Service. If you applied for a residence permit for studies more than a month ago and still have not received a decision, you should wait a little longer. You will receive the decision within the next few weeks. Approximately 150 applications are still waiting to be processed.

Next peak time in November: Apply for a permit well in advance

The next peak time for the processing of residence permit applications for studies is expected in November, when students who are due to begin their studies at the beginning of next year apply for residence permits. The majority of students coming to Finland at the beginning of the year are exchange students.

Checklist for students applying for a residence permit

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