Employer’s obligations

An employer must verify that a foreign employee has the required residence permit for an employed person or that the employee does not need a residence permit. You can find instructions on an asylum seeker’s right to work on the asylum seeker's page.

When an employee’s residence permit expires, he/she may apply for an extension. Please remind your employee to apply for an extension before his/her current residence permit expires. If the employer employs a person who is residing in Finland illegally, the employer will be liable to an administrative fine. The fine ranges from EUR 1,000 to EUR 30,000 and is payable to the Finnish Immigration Service. The fine is laid down in the Employment Contracts Act.

The employer is also guilty of an employer’s violation of the Aliens Act if he or she:

  • deliberately or through negligence employs a foreigner who does not have the right to gainful employment; or
  • gives false or misleading information to the authorities.

In some cases, the employer may also be required to pay for the expenses incurred in repatriating an employee who was residing in Finland illegally.

You must keep the information on the foreign nationals you employ available at your place of business, including specifications of their job duties, so that the occupational safety and health authorities may inspect this information if necessary.

The rights of employees are supervised in Finland by:

All work performed in Finland must be done in compliance with Finnish law and international treaties that bind the Finnish government. Employment is also usually subject to collective agreements. They define employment-related rights and responsibilities in closer detail and for example specify minimum wages. The purpose of the collective agreements is to protect employees.