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Enter Finland for Employers

If your employee is applying for a residence permit online, you can supplement the employee’s application with details about the employment and your company in the online service Enter Finland for Employers. You can also pay the application fee on behalf of your employee in the online service. 

In order to make sure that you have the right to handle matters online on behalf of your company, we use the e-Authorizations service. 

You cannot use the service if the grounds for the application are multiple employments.

If you create a new account in Enter Finland for Employers, you will not be able to follow applications that your employee has submitted earlier. 

How do I use Enter Finland for Employers?

  1. Before creating an account, you need to request a mandate to represent your company or association in the online service. Choose the mandate Employment-based immigration. Read the instructions on how to request a mandate on the website
  2. Create an account in Enter Finland for Employers.
  3. You will be able to supplement your employee’s application in the service. Your employee must first give you permission to supplement his or her application. Your employee is asked to give the permission in his or her own application in Enter Finland on the page ‘Employment details’.
    • In the first section of the page, the employee can give his or her consent to sharing the application with the employer. There are also instructions on what the employer needs to do if the application is shared.
    • When an employee chooses to give the employer permission to supplement his or her application, this choice will affect which attachments will be required for the application. For example, the employee is no longer required to attach the form TY6_plus to the application, because the employer can complete the information on the terms of employment directly in the online service Enter Finland for Employers. No paper forms are needed in this case.
    • In his or her application, your employee gives the Business ID of your company, which is later used to link you to your employee’s application.

In Enter Finland for Employers, you can:

  • pay for your employee’s application.
  • attach documents to the application on behalf of your employee. You do not need to send these attachments to the employee.
  • follow the status of the application directly in the online service instead of queueing in our telephone service.
  • be informed of the decision of the Finnish Immigration Service and the partial decision of the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) if your employee is applying for a residence permit for an employed person.
    • In cases of other work-based residence permit applications, the Finnish Immigration Service will serve the decision only on the employee. However, you will be able to see when a decision has been made in Enter Finland for Employers, even though you cannot see the actual document concerning the decision.
  • submit an employee information form as required by the Aliens Act if you employ a third-country national.
  • receive requests for additional information and reply to them.
  • submit the terms of employment for several employees at the same time.
    • This is what you should do:
      1. Log in to your Enter Finland for Employers account.
      2. Select ‘Waiting for terms of employment’ on the Enter Finland Home page.
      3. Select ‘Submit terms of employment for several employees at a time’ and select which employees’ terms of employment you want to submit.
      4. Fill in the terms of employment for the selected employees.
        • The terms of employment must be the same for all employees whose terms of employment you want to submit at the same time. 
        • If the terms differ, fill in the terms of employment separately for each employee.
    • If any documents are needed for the applications, you must attach the documents separately to each application.

Ask our chatbot Kamu! You will find Kamu in the bottom right corner of our web pages. Write ‘I am an employer’ in the text field below Kamu and Kamu will give you advice intended for employers.