Handling matters durng the coronavirus epidemic

On this page, you will find updated instructions on how the coronavirus outbreak affects visits to service points and Finnish missions. For instructions about applying, see the pages and Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the page

You have booked an appointment at a service point in Finland 

If your matter is not urgent, you could consider waiting until the coronavirus epidemic is over. You can get your application pending in Enter Finland or by submitting a paper application by email or by post.

Due to the coronavirus situation, handling matters with a queue number is not possible at the service points of the Finnish Immigration Service. This exception is valid until further notice. For now, you can visit a service point only if you have booked an appointment. 

If you have booked an appointment at a service point, you can handle your matter as usual. 

Things to remember before you visit a service point:

  • Please use Enter Finland whenever possible. When you log in with online bank credentials and apply for an extended permit, you do not necessarily need to visit a service point to identify yourself. Read more about strong identification at
  • Do not bring any additional documents directly to the service point. Instead, use the online service Enter Finland or send your documents by email or by post. If you have booked an appointment to prove your identity, bring your attachments with you to the appointment.
  • Come to the service point shortly before your appointment is due to begin. Show your appointment confirmation to the security guard. 
  • If you have been abroad, wait for 14 days before visiting a service point. If you have an appointment before these 14 days have passed, cancel your appointment. 
  • Do not come to our service point if you have any flu symptoms at all. Remember to cancel your appointment if you cannot attend. Book a new appointment only when you are completely recovered. 
  • Are you in an at-risk group for the coronavirus? We recommend that you wait until the state of emergency is over before you visit a service point. You can get your application pending in Enter Finland or by submitting a paper application by email or by post. 
  • Our appointment system is open as usual. Avoid booking appointments at other service points than the one closest to you, even if there are available appointments at other service points. 
  • If you cannot attend an appointment at our service point, remember to cancel your appointment in the appointment system. An unattended appointment that has not been cancelled will cost you 50 euros.

Thank you for following these instructions and for helping us protect our customers and employees from potential infections!

You cannot currently visit Finnish missions abroad 

You should normally visit a Finnish mission to identify yourself within three months of the date on which you submit your application via Enter Finland. If you are applying abroad and have not been able to visit your local Finnish mission to identify yourself, you now have until 31 August 2020 to do so. 

Please book an appointment to identify yourself as soon as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs lifts the restrictions.

For the time being, applicants are not interviewed at the Finnish missions due to the coronavirus epidemic. 

For the time being, the Finnish missions cannot hand over residence permit cards as usual. If you have questions about your card delivery, contact the mission where you have handled your matter. For information about the situation with your mission, see the website

Keep checking the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ and the Finnish Immigration Service’s bulletins for updates. 

Telephone service 

If you have questions about submitting an application or about matters requiring a visit to one of our service points with a queue number, call 0295 419 627. The line is open from Monday to Friday at 9.00–16.00.