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Income requirement for students

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary funds for living in Finland. It is difficult for students to find jobs in Finland. When you apply for your first residence permit for studies, you cannot secure your income with work.

Before you arrive in Finland, make sure that you have enough funds for the entire time your studies will take. A residence permit for studies is usually granted for one year at a time. We will assess your means of income every time you submit an application to us.

You must have at least EUR 560 at your disposal every month to be able to pay for your accommodation, food and other needs. In other words, you must have EUR 6,720 to be able to study in Finland for a year.

Some educational institutions support their students’ residence in Finland. If the educational institution provides you with free accommodation, you need to have at least EUR 280 per month at your disposal. If the educational institution provides you with free accommodation and free meals, you need to have at least EUR 195 per month at your disposal.

When you are applying for an extended permit, you may secure your means of support with work. However, your work may not slow down your studies. Your studies must progress at a normal pace.

Tuition fees

If you study at an institute of higher education or a university, your studies are usually subject to a fee. If you pay your tuition fee before arriving in Finland, please attach documentation of the paid fee to your residence permit application. In addition, you need to have sufficient means of support.

If you pay the tuition fee only after arriving in Finland, you should attach documents to your residence permit application to show that you have the necessary funds to pay your tuition fee and support yourself in Finland. You cannot pay the tuition fee using the funds reserved for your day-to-day living.

If you have been awarded a grant to cover your tuition fee, attach a certificate of the scholarship from your educational institution to your application. In addition, you need to have sufficient means of support.

Please remember that you must pay the tuition fee every academic year. When you are studying, you will not be able to work enough to save up the money to pay your tuition fee.

How do I prove my income?

  • You should attach a bank statement to your application, showing that you have EUR 6,720 in your bank account. You have to have the necessary funds in your bank account. Sponsorship agreements provided by relatives, friends or employers are not acceptable. The funds must be in your own bank account. If you will stay in Finland for less than a year, your bank account must hold EUR 560 for each month you plan to stay.
  • You can have a bank account in any country, as long as you can use it in Finland. You have to be able to withdraw money from the account when you are in Finland.
  • Only minors may have a joint bank account which can be used by another person. In this case, the other holder of the account must be your custodian. The bank statement must include a statement of your right to access the bank account.
  • If your bank account does not hold the sums mentioned above, you should attach to your application a certificate of the benefits offered by your educational institution.
  • If you have been awarded a grant or scholarship by a state, an organisation or an educational institution, please attach the grant or scholarship decision to your application. If this scholarship or grant is enough to cover your living expenses in Finland, you do not need to show us a bank statement.
  • When applying for an extended permit, a deposit in a Finnish bank account is the easiest and most reliable way to show that you have secure means of support.
  • You must present the originals of all documents when submitting your application.
  • If the attachments are not in Finnish, Swedish or English, please have them translated by an authorised translator, and attach the translations to your application.