Press releases


The new Finnish Startup Permit attracted interest particularly from technology professionals during its first year

A year ago, Business Finland and the Finnish Immigration Service established a new application process for start-up entrepreneurs coming to Finland from outside the European Union. During the first year of operation, Business Finland received more than a hundred requests for an eligibility statement. A positive statement was given on 34 of them, and the Finnish Immigration Service has granted 23 Finnish Startup Permits.


REPORT: There are numerous children and young persons in Finland who are victims of human trafficking – yet many more cases remain undetected

Sexual abuse, forced criminal activity and forced marriages. These are forms of human trafficking encountered by children and young persons currently in Finland, according to a report on human trafficking in children and young persons in Finland prepared by the National Assistance System for Victims of Human Trafficking and the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control (HEUNI), to be published on 21 March 2019. The report is based on a questionnaire circulated among experts working with children and young persons, on expert interviews and on official statistics.