Applying for assisted voluntary return

If you wish to return to your home country voluntarily, you can apply for assisted voluntary return.

The reception centre or the Finnish Immigration Service can assist you to return home voluntarily if

  • you have received a negative decision on your asylum application
  • you withdraw your asylum application
  • you are a victim of human trafficking and do not have a municipality of residence in Finland
  • you have received temporary protection
  • you have been granted a temporary residence permit because you cannot be removed from the country, but you do not have a municipality of residence in Finland
  • your international protection status in Finland has been withdrawn or cancelled and a decision has been made to deport you
  • you have been granted humanitarian protection, but your residence permit is about to expire or has expired.

Assistance is provided only for voluntary return. You must withdraw all your pending applications for asylum, a residence permit or an alien’s passport, and all appeals against decisions concerning these matters.

You will only be granted assistance for voluntary return if you need it and cannot pay for your return yourself.

What assistance can I get?

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Amounts of assistance by country

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