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Statistical service

You can find the most current statistics in the statistical service of the Finnish Immigration Service.

  • go to the page
  • choose applications or decisions from the left margin
  • choose a period that you want to look at from the timeline. You can choose the period by dragging the selector.
  • in the upper corner you can see the total number of applications or decisions during the chosen period
  • to get more detailed statistics, use the "define the choice" menu to the left

The numbers always change according to your choices.

Results consisting of less than five applications or decisions are displayed in grey (cannot be shown) in the graphics, to prevent the identification of individual applicants based on the statistics.

Starting in 2017, new statistics will only be published in the statistical service and no longer in the PDF format. However, statistics for 2015 and 2016 can be found both in the statistical service and on the page Statistics.