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Statistics on temporary protection

Statistics on temporary protection are updated every weekday from Monday to Friday.  

Number of applications

  • A total of 23,904 applications for temporary protection had been lodged on 19 May 2022.
    • Ukrainian nationals had submitted 23,604 applications.
    • Citizens of other countries had submitted 300 applications.
  • On 19 May 2022, Ukrainian nationals had submitted a total of 1741 asylum applications.
  • Altogether 1233 Ukrainians applied for both asylum and for temporary protection, which means that the total number of Ukrainian applicants this year is 24,112. Altogether 24,104 of them applied after 24 February 2022.  


  • On 19 May 2022, the Finnish Immigration Service had made a decision on 20,876 applications for temporary protection.  

Estimated processing time

At the moment, the estimated processing time of an application for temporary protection is  one week. When the decision has been made, the Finnish Immigration Service sends the decision to the applicant by post. According to the estimates of the Finnish Immigration Service, it takes about one week for the decision to arrive by post. This means that you will receive the decision in about two weeks from submitting the application. 

After the decision has been made, the Finnish Immigration Service will order you a residence permit card. At present it takes about two weeks for the residence permit card to arrive.