The rights of an au pair

As an au pair, your host family may have you do light domestic work for up to 30 hours a week, and no more than 5 hours a day. You must have at least one full day off each week. At least one of your monthly days off must be a Sunday. You must be given enough time to attend language courses and to develop your cultural knowledge and professional skills.

Your status as an au pair is comparable to that of a family member. You participate in the everyday activities of the family, and your daily amount of work must not exceed the amount of domestic work and child-minding performed by other members of the family.

If for some reason you cannot continue working and living with your host family, you may change your host family without applying for a new residence permit, as long as your permit is still valid. You may work as an au pair in Finland for up to one year. An extension permit will not be granted on the grounds of working as an au pair. If you wish, you may apply for an extension on other grounds.