What kind of support can I get?

Assistance can include

  • travel expenses and relocation costs
  • reintegration assistance in your home country.

The assistance can be either cash money or in-kind support. In-kind support can be services or supplies, such as assistance with

  • finding a job
  • starting your own business
  • accessing education or training
  • finding accommodation.

The in-kind support is tailored to the need of each returnee based on availability. In-kind support is not available in all countries of return.

The amount of cash assistance depends on the country of return. Returning adults also receive a different amount of assistance compared to children returning with their families. You may also apply for supplementary support if you have a special reason for assistance; for example, your particular personal situation, disability, or a medical reason.

The decree of The Ministry of the Interior’s on assisted voluntary return (in Finnish)