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Effects of the coronavirus outbreak on customers who are abroad

On this page you will find the latest instructions for submitting residence permit applications abroad during the coronavirus outbreak.

Here you will find instructions on what to do if 

If you are applying for a residence permit for Finland

Follow the updates on the situation concerning the missions at the websites and

You can still submit your application via the Finnish Immigration Service’s online service Enter Finland and pay the processing fee online. We will begin to process your application once your identity has been verified.

You cannot apply for an extended permit or a permanent residence permit if you are outside Finland. You can only apply for an extended permit or a permanent residence permit if you are in Finland.


You have to visit a Finnish mission to identify yourself within three months of the date on which you submit your application via Enter Finland.

Interviews and DNA tests 

Most Finnish missions are currently conducting interviews and taking DNA samples normally. However, some missions are still not conducting interviews or taking DNA samples. As the situation can change quickly due to the coronavirus, we recommend that you follow the situation of the Finnish missions on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and on the website

We continue to process your application when the mission has carried out the interview or taken the DNA sample. You do not need to inform us separately if the interview or DNA test is delayed.

You are waiting for a residence permit card 

For the time being, all Finnish missions cannot hand over residence permit cards as usual. If you have questions about your card delivery, contact the mission where you have handled your matter. For information about the situation with your mission, see the website

Keep checking the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ and the Finnish Immigration Service’s bulletins for updates.

You can cancel your application

If your situation changes during the coronavirus outbreak and you no longer wish to live in Finland, you can cancel your residence permit application. 
Instructions for cancelling applications are available on our website at