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Are you planning a holiday abroad? Make sure to check that your residence permit card is valid

Publication date 13.12.2019 15.56
Press release

If you are planning a holiday abroad, make sure to check that your residence permit card is valid.

If you are waiting for a new residence permit card or if the Finnish Immigration Service is processing your residence permit application, you should wait until your card arrives before travelling.

It is best not to make any travel reservations before you have received your residence permit card. We do not recommend travelling without a valid residence permit and residence permit card.

To be able to make travel arrangements knowing that your permit will be valid for the duration of the whole trip, you should also submit your permit extension application in good time. Apply for permit extension before your previous permit expires.

Did you apply for citizenship? There are things to consider before travelling

You can travel outside Finland while your citizenship application is being processed. However, please note that absences affect your period of residence. A requirement for citizenship is that you live in Finland and that you have done so for a sufficient length of time.

If you have applied for Finnish citizenship, inform the Finnish Immigration Service in advance if you plan to travel abroad. When you do this, we will be able to take your trip into consideration in case we need further information to complement your application by a certain date. For our contact information, visit our website.

We cannot grant you citizenship if you are staying abroad.

Travelling when in possession of a residence permit

If you have a valid Finnish residence permit, you can travel in the Schengen area without a visa for no more than 90 days within any period of 180 days. Make sure that you take your passport and residence permit card with you when you travel. If your passport includes your residence permit, the passport alone is enough.

If you travel to a country outside the Schengen area, you may need a visa. To check whether you need a visa, contact an embassy of the destination country.

For further information about the Schengen area and travelling, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

You cannot expedite the processing of your application due to a holiday

Unfortunately, the processing of a residence permit application or a citizenship application cannot be expedited due to a holiday. The Finnish Immigration Service cannot grant a temporary travel document or express passport for travelling.

The residence permit card will be sent to you by post. The card cannot be retrieved from a service point.

Further information about travelling:

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