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European Migration Network

The Finnish national contact point for the European Migration Network (EMN) is located in the Finnish Immigration Service. Similar national contact points exist in all EU countries and Norway which is also a network member. The Network is chaired by the European Commission.

The EMN’s objective is to support policy-making in the EU by providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum. In addition to politicians and government officials, the EMN also provides information to the general public.

The Finnish EMN national contact point website is at The website contains research reports conducted by the EMN, a list of all the ad hoc queries on migration issues made by the EU Members States through the network, and information on current events.

Reports and studies

The EMN’s main products are annual reports on the development of immigration policy in the EU Member States and bodies, and various thematic studies on topical migration issues.

The topics of thematic studies are selected among proposals made by national EMN contact points and the European Commission. For all reports and studies, each contact point first produces a national report. The Commission then prepares a synthesis of the national reports. In addition to reviews, studies and reports, the contact points may send each other ad hoc queries on topics related to immigration. The answers are summarised in an information package.

The EMN’s annual reports, reviews and studies are publicly available on its website at Reports, reviews and studies may also be published in print.

National network

The EMN national contact points have also established national expert networks around them. You can register your membership in the National Network in Finland on our national website. We welcome both organisations and individual representatives of government bodies, research forums, NGOs and other interested parties.

The National Network members can suggest and get heard in the selection of EMN research topics. They can also get involved in the production of studies and national-level responses to ad hoc queries. They get opportunities for networking both on national and international level. In annual national seminars, the National Network members focus on some current migration issue, presenting the latest EMN research and relevant national studies and operations on that theme.


The EMN began as a pilot project in 2003. In May 2008, the network was granted permanent status by a decision of the Council of the European Union.

Initially, the Finnish national contact point operated at Statistics Finland, but as the scope of the operations expanded from statistics to other research, the contact point was transferred to the Finnish Immigration Service in 2008. The contact point is partially funded by the EU.

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