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Online service Enter Finland

Using the online service 

How do I use Enter Finland?

For instructions on how to use the online service, see the page Online services.


It is possible to upload only one document as an attachment, but I have several files that concern the same matter. How can I combine my files into a single document?

Open the files with a word-processing programme (for example Word) and combine them into a single document. If possible, save the document as a PDF file.

You can combine images in the same way. If you have an image-processing programme, you can use it to combine images.

Do not reduce the file size too much so that the files are easy to read.

Remember to pay attention to data security, especially if you use a public computer or programmes available on websites.

You can also watch this video: Adding documents to your application in Enter Finland

The maximum size for an attachment is 4 megabytes but my files are larger than that. How can I make them smaller?

You can reduce the file size of your documents when scanning them. In the scanner settings, select 150 dpi as resolution, for instance. Resolution regulates the level of detail in the scanned image.

If the attachment is an image, you can reduce its size by opening the file in an image processing programme, reduce the size of the image and then save the file again.

How can I expedite an application so that it will be processed urgently?

Read more about requests to expedite on the website 

Messages from the online service 

I received an automatic message from Enter Finland. When does Enter Finland send automatic messages, and can I stop them?

A notification is sent by email and text message in the following situations: 

1) A request for additional information has been sent to you. 

2) You have been sent a decision to read. 

3) The additional information you submitted has been received. 

4) Your reply to a request for additional information has been received. 

5) A status message is sent to you every three weeks (residence permit applications) or every three months (citizenship applications) until a decision has been made on the application. 

Automatic messages cannot be turned off.

I did not receive an automatic message when I was supposed to. For example I didn't receive a message when I replied to a supplement request. How can I know for sure that you have received my reply?

You can be sure that we have received your reply if the application events show that the reply has been sent and if the application attachments contain the documents you have sent.

We cannot guarantee that the automatic messages will be delivered successfully. That is why we always recommend that you check the status of your application yourself by logging in every once in a while. 

How the online service works 

How can I make sure that the document I sent to you in Enter Finland has been received?

You can be sure that we have received your documents if the application events show that the reply has been sent and if the application attachments contain the documents you have sent.

According to Enter Finland, the processing ground of my application has been changed. What does it mean?

Choosing the right application form can sometimes be difficult. For example, if an applicant who has applied for a residence permit for an employed person could get a residence permit as a specialist, we will process the application according to the processing ground where the waiting time is shorter and the decision more likely to be positive. 

However, this change is made only when it benefits the applicant and when the basic reason for applying stays the same (employment, family ties, studies). For example, a residence permit application on the basis of family ties is never processed as a residence permit application for employment. 

The information about a changed processing ground is not visible in Enter Finland, which is why the application events and the estimated processing time may no longer be valid for your application. However, the information on whether or not there has been a decision will always be shown correctly in Enter Finland.

I declared when applying that my employer will use Enter Finland for Employers but I heard they can’t use it after all. What should I do?

In that case, you yourself should submit the documents and information your employer was supposed to provide, such as your employment contract or the appendix TEM 0.54 with your employer’s signature. To submit the documents, use the link 'Send additional information' in Enter Finland. 

For a detailed list of all the required documents, see the website or the final section of the paper application. Do not make a new application.

Why can't I change my name and date of birth when I'm filling in an application?

These two pieces of information appear on your application exactly as you have entered them into your user account. You gave this information when you created your account. If your name has changed, first change your name on the 'My account' page. Then fill in your application again.

Please remember that you can only use this service to apply for a residence permit or an EU registration for yourself, or to apply for a permanent residence permit or a residence permit on the basis of family ties for a child who is in your care. Your employer or spouse cannot submit an application on your behalf.