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Country Information Service

The Country Information Service of the Finnish Immigration Service produces Country of Origin Information (COI) especially on countries from which asylum seekers, quota refugees and immigrants come to Finland.

Country of Origin Information is accurate and up-to-date information about conditions in a specific country, obtained from a variety of sources. This includes information on

  • political or social circumstances;
  • the human rights and security situation;
  • legislation;
  • geography;
  • details of everyday life such as the availability of health care services or practices in issuing documents.

Country of Origin Information supports decision-making, especially decisions on international protection (asylum) applications but also on residence permits and citizenship. When an application is processed, account is taken of Country of Origin Information alongside information provided by the applicant.

Country of Origin Information is produced for the Finnish Immigration Service but also for national and international authorities, interest groups and organisations.

Tasks of the Country Information Service

  • Acquire and produce reliable and up-to-date Country of Origin Information (COI) to support the decision-making of the Asylum, Immigration and Nationality units,
  • Maintain and develop the Tellus country information database meant for authorities,
  • Manage the collections and acquisitions of the Migration Library