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Residence permit application for other family members

Apply with this application for a residence permit if you are some other family member than a spouse, child or guardian. . Your family member living in Finland is a Finnish citizen or has been issued asylum or a residence permit on the grounds of subsidiary protection or temporary protection.

  • Expected processing time

    6 months

  • Electronic application fee

    470 € / child 240 €

  • Paper application fee

    520 € / child 270 €

My relative is a Finnish citizen

This is what you should do


Make sure you meet the requirements for the residence permit you are applying for.


Make sure you have all the attachments needed. If necessary, have them translated and legalised. The processing time may be longer if you have not filled in your application sufficiently.


Fill in your application in the online service Enter Finland or use a paper application form.


Pay for your application in the online service Enter Finland, at a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate) or at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.


If you are abroad, visit a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate). If you are already in Finland, book an appointment at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.


Wait for a decision. The Finnish Immigration Service will contact you if necessary.


Read what happens after you have applied. Check the estimated processing time of your application. You can follow the processing of your application with the help of our chatbot Kamu. In addition, you will usually receive automated messages at the different processing stages of your application.


You should wait for the residence permit in the same country or locality where you submitted your application and proved your identity.

General requirements for entry into Finland

Make sure you meet the general requirements for entry into Finland before you submit an application.


Make sure you also meet the following requirements:

Income requirement

You do not need to have sufficient financial resources.

Right to work

You have an unrestricted right to work. You cannot start working before you get a residence permit.


General attachments

  • Valid passport accepted by Finland ( Present your passport when you submit your residence permit application
  • A passport photo of the child, complying with the photo guidelines issued by the police, or a photograph retrieval code you received from a photo shop
    • The passport photo must be no more than 6 months old.
  • Colour copy of the passport page containing your personal data and copies of all passport pages with notes
  • Colour copy of the passport page containing personal data and of all pages with notes in the passport of the guardian living in Finland
  • Form for clarification of family ties PK5_plus (to be filled in and signed by your family member living in Finland)
  • Document showing that you are legally staying in the country where you submit the application
  • Form MP_1 (if you already are in Finland and apply for your first residence permit)

Application-specific attachments

  • Document(s) explaining your family relations with your family member residing in Finland (must be legalised if not issued in the Nordic countries)
  • Doctor's certificate/health statement (if you refer to your state of health in the application)

Residence permit application for other family members, OLE_PH5

Fill in an electronic application

Prepare for your life in Finland