Quota refugees

A quota refugee is a person

  • who has had to leave his or her home country or country of permanent residence; and
  • who cannot stay in the country to which he or she has fled; and
  • whom the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR has determined to be a refugee.

In Finland, when the Parliament approves the Budget for each year, it also decides how many quota refugees Finland commits to receiving. In 2001–2019, Finland has received 750 quota refugees per year. The Parliament may decide on an additional quota. For instance in 2014 and 2015, the quota was increased by 300 due to the difficult situation in Syria, and a total of 1,050 quota refugees were admitted to Finland each year.

In 2018, nearly 25,000 persons were resettled in EU Member States.

Emergency or urgent cases

In recent years, a part of the refugee quota has been reserved for refugees who the UNHCR has estimated to be in need of urgent resettlement. Finland selects these emergency cases on the basis of UNHCR documents, without interviews. In 2020, Finland is preparing to receive 120 emergency cases.