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Returnee’s accommodation requirement

If you apply for a residence permit on the grounds of having been evacuated from Ingria or having served in the Finnish army in 1939–1945, accommodation is one of the requirements for your residence permit. You must have accommodation available in Finland already before you get a residence permit. You must present us with the details of your accommodation within six months of submitting your residence permit application.

You may either own your accommodation or rent it in the private market. You may also move in to live with a relative in order to meet the accommodation requirement.

A written lease or sublease agreement, or a deed of sale in case of an owner-occupied home, is sufficient proof of accommodation. If you show us a sublease agreement as proof, the main tenant must have a written permit from the building’s owner to take a sub-tenant. Attach this written permit to your application.

If you move in to live with a person who is living in Finland, you must get a written statement from the housing company and the person in question to prove that you have actually moved in.

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