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Finnish Immigration Service, for customers and for society

The Finnish Immigration Service makes permit decisions in matters related to immigration, asylum, refugee status and citizenship and runs the reception system of Finland. We provide customer-focused services that put people first, contribute to a well-functioning society, and enhance Finland's competitiveness. In addition to high-quality public administration, we provide specialist and information services to support political decision-making and for national and international cooperation. We are responsible for the reception system for persons applying for international protection, the detention units for foreign nationals and the Assistance system for victims of human trafficking. We operate under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Our goal is to run Europe’s most efficient permit services and to make the reception of people seeking protection systematic and efficient. We make forecasts and seek to constantly develop our operations. We will improve the customer journeys in immigration together with relevant stakeholders, taking a goal-oriented and comprehensive approach to the process.

Working for the Finnish Immigration Service

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Our values

  • Reliable
  • Open and transparent
  • Bold and proactive

Our goals

  • Our work is of good quality, our processes are smooth and efficient and the way we work is predictable.
  • The customer experience with us is excellent.
  • We seek to continuously update and improve the way we work.
  • We are active in networks and seek to achieve solutions.
  • We are an attractive workplace where the well-being of employees is seen to.

Read more about our strategy: Summary of organisational strategy of the Finnish Immigration Service 2023-2027

Finnish Immigration Service

The Director General of the Finnish Immigration Service oversees and manages the work and development of the agency. The agency consists of 13 units: 

  • Communications Unit
  • Control and Monitoring Department
  • Customer Relations Unit
  • Department for International Protection
  • Digital Services Unit
  • Finance and Administration Unit
  • Human Resources Unit
  • Information Services and Performance Guidance Unit
  • Legal and Specialist Services Unit
  • Management Support
  • Permit and Citizenship Department
  • Reception Services Department
  • Security Unit

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