Frequently asked questions about Brexit

I have a residence permit. Do I still need to register my right of residence as an EU citizen?

No, you do not need to do that. If you have a fixed-term residence permit, remember to apply for a new fixed-term residence permit before your current permit expires.

I have registered my right of residence as an EU citizen. Can I still apply for a residence permit?

You can apply for a residence permit if you want to, but it is not necessary at this stage because no definitive decision on Brexit has been made. If you already have applied for a residence permit, your application will be processed as usual.

Is my EU registration valid?

Your registration is valid if you have registered your right of residence. You need not register again.

Is my EU registration sufficient at this point of the Brexit process?

Your registration is sufficient if you have registered your right of residence.

Do I not have permanent right of residence automatically, since I have already been resident in Finland for more than five years? Do I have to obtain a separate registration certificate for this?

We recommend that you register your right of residence. As an EU citizen, you currently have the right of residence in Finland. However, all such rights will cease to exist if Great Britain exits the European Union. The final Brexit decision has not yet been made, so at this point we prepare for all alternatives: exit with a deal, exit with no deal, or cancellation of the exit altogether.

We recommend that everybody register their right of residence as soon as possible if not already registered, because in the event of a no-deal exit, the separate law under preparation, for example, would not award rights to those not having registered their right of residence.

Do I need a certificate concerning my EU registration?

The Finnish Immigration Service does not require you to retain a certificate indicating that you have registered your residence. In some cases, however, you may need the certificate, as in dealing with other authorities.

How can I receive a certificate of my EU registration?

Registrations have been carried out by the Finnish Immigration Service as of 1 January 2017. If the Finnish Immigration Service has registered your right of residence, you can request a new certificate by sending an email message to: [email protected] Before 1 January 2017, registrations were carried out by the Police. If your right of residence has been registered by the Police, you can contact them or issue a certificate request to the Finnish Immigration Service.

I am a citizen of both Great Britain and Finland. Must I register my right of residence as a British citizen, even though I am a Finnish citizen?

If you are a Finnish citizen, you need not register as a British citizen.

I am the citizen of another EU country as well. Must I / should I register by virtue of that citizenship?

If you have the citizenship of some other EU or EEA state in addition to Great Britain, we recommend that you register your right of residence as based on that citizenship. We earlier advised British citizens to apply for re-registration based on some other EU citizenship. We have now simplified these instructions.

Send us a copy of your passport’s personal identification page by email. We recommend that you use an encrypted email format: go to You can also send the copy by post to: P.O. Box 10, 00086 Maahanmuuttovirasto, or drop the copy off at our service point.

We will then record your other EU citizenship in your information. If you want to receive written confirmation indicating that you have been registered on the basis of some other EU citizenship, you can send a request for a certificate to us, which is subject to a fee. However, we do not require that you retain a written certificate of your registration.

I have a social insurance number / KELA card. Does it not indicate that my right of residence has been registered?

A social insurance number does not indicate that you have registered. If your right of residence has been registered, the Police or Finnish Immigration Service has made a favourable decision in the matter. If you are not sure whether your right of residence has been registered, please contact the Finnish Immigration Service.