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Significant negligence or exploitation by employer

When you apply for an extended permit or a certificate of expanded right to work due to negligence or exploitation by your employer, the Finnish Immigration Service will assess whether there are reasonable grounds to suspect that your employer has neglected their employer obligations to a significant degree or otherwise exploited you.

What is significant negligence or exploitation by employer?

Significant negligence by employer can be, for example: 

  • making you work unreasonably long hours or an unreasonable number of hours;

  • lack of days off and lack of holidays;

  • not paying you your salary;

  • considerable underpayment or taking back salaries already paid to you;

  • neglecting occupational safety or making you work in dangerous working conditions.

Exploitation by employer can be, for example, that your employer:

  • threatens the life or health of you or your family;
  • threatens to make the authorities cancel your residence permit or remove you from the country;
  • takes away your identity document or controls your bank account, tax card or other important documents;
  • isolates you from other people by requiring that you live in premises chosen by your employer; 
  • restricts your phone use in your free time;
  • does not allow you to choose where you eat your meals;
  • restricts your social relations in some other way.