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Filling in the terms of employment

When an employee of yours is applying for a residence permit on the basis of work, you need to supplement the employee's application by filling in the terms of employment. Using Enter Finland for Employers to submit the terms of employment will speed up the processing of your employee's application. You can fill in the terms of employment as soon as your employee has submitted their residence permit application online in Enter Finland.

If your employee is applying for a residence permit using the fast-track service, you must fill in the terms of employment in Enter Finland for Employers within two days after your employee has submitted their application. 

If you employ seasonal workers, see the instructions for supplementing the terms of employment of seasonal workers.

This is what you should do:

The terms of employment of a foreign employee must comply with the law and the collective agreements applicable in Finland

When your employee applies for an extended permit, either the Finnish Immigration Service or the TE Office will check how much money your employee has been paid during the validity period of the previous residence permit. 

Full-time employees

The salary of an employee who works full-time must be at least the minimum salary specified in the applicable collective agreement for full-time work. If no applicable collective agreement exists, the salary must correspond to the salary level of employees in the labour market doing similar work. If neither of these definitions can be applied to the line of work in question, the salary must at least be such that it meets the condition regarding previous employment (in Finnish: ‘työssäoloehto’), which is EUR 1,399 in 2024.

Part-time employees

If your employee only relies on his or her part-time employment relationship with your company to secure sufficient financial resources for him or herself, the employee's income is considered sufficient if the salary is at least such that it meets the condition regarding previous employment (in Finnish: ‘työssäoloehto’), which is EUR 1,399 in 2024.

Fringe benefits as part of the salary

Some of your employee’s salary may consist of fringe benefits, such as company car or employer-provided accommodation. The taxable value of the fringe benefits will be taken into account when assessing the salary. When you fill in the terms of employment, you are asked to list the employee’s salary and the fringe benefits and their taxable values separately. For more information about the taxable values of fringe benefits, see the website of the Finnish Tax Administration (in Finnish)

Read more on the page Income requirement.

Filling in the paper ‘Terms of employment’ form

If you are not able to use Enter Finland for Employers, you can fill in the ‘Terms of employment’ paper form (pdf.). Your employee should then add the form to his or her application in the online service Enter Finland. 

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