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Russia's attack on Ukraine

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has a significant impact on the lives of many of our customers. On our website, we now provide instructions for people fleeing from Ukraine and for people helping them. 

In Ukrainian: Вторгнення Росії в Україну

This is what to do when you arrive in Finland from Ukraine

This page provides information for people who are fleeing the war in Ukraine to Finland.

This is what to do when you arrive in Finland from Ukraine

In Ukrainian: Ось так ви розпочинаєте своє життя, коли приїжджаєте до Фінляндії з України

Temporary protection

Temporary protection is intended for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The purpose of temporary protection is to provide these people temporary protection quickly. We recommend that persons fleeing from Ukraine apply for temporary protection. Applications for temporary protection are processed considerably faster than asylum applications.

Temporary protection for people fleeing from Ukraine

In Ukrainian: Тимчасовий захист для тих, хто утік від війни в Україні

Services available to those who apply for temporary protection

When you apply for temporary protection or asylum, you can live in a reception centre or in private accommodation. In both cases, you have the right to the same services, such as reception allowance and health care services.  Please notice that you cannot get any services before you contact your reception centre. You will get the contact details of the reception centre when you register your application for temporary protection with the police or the border authorities.

Services available to those who apply for temporary protection

In Ukrainian: Ви можете отримати ці послуги, коли подали заяву про тимчасовий захист 

Statistics on temporary protection

Statistics on temporary protection are updated every moday.

Statistics on temporary protection

In Ukrainian: Статистичні дані про тимчасовий захист

This is what to do when you are already in Finland and cannot return to Ukraine

Read these instructions, if you have come to Finland from Ukraine or already live in Finland, and you cannot return to Ukraine. 

What to do when you are in Finland and cannot return to Ukraine

In Ukrainian: Інструкція для вас, якщо ви вже перебуваєте у Фінляндії і не можете повернутися в Україну

Printable instructions for people fleeing Ukraine 

On this page, we will publish customer instructions in printable form. We will keep adding new instructions and their translations as we get them.

Printable instructions for people fleeing Ukraine 

We ask for advance information about transport of Ukrainians to Finland

Several organisations and private individuals have announced that they will be offering transportation to Finland for people who have fled the Russian military attack on Ukraine. We are asking all voluntary transport organisers providing transport for Ukrainian nationals from Ukraine to Finland to submit preliminary passenger information.

Provide preliminary information about all transportation arriving from Ukraine 

Answers to frequently asked questions about Russia's attack on Ukraine

We are currently receiving a large number of enquiries related to, for example, the situation of seasonal workers and family members in Ukraine and Finland. We have put together answers to frequently asked questions. The answers will be updated as the situation develops.  

Frequently asked questions about Russia's attack on Ukraine

In Ukrainian: Поширені запитання щодо ситуації в Україні

External links

Entry and customs clearance

The Finnish Border Guard is responsible for controlling the borders of Finland and provides information about border traffic.

The Finnish Food Authority monitors the safety and quality of food, the health and well-being of animals, and products used in agricultural and forestry production.

The Finnish Customs controls goods traffic and collects customs duties and other taxes and charges levied on import goods.

Working, studying and living in Finland

TE-services give advice on how to look for work and offer people services to help find employment.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland is responsible for matters related to enterprises, working life, consumers as well as labour migration and integration.

The Finnish Tax Administration is responsible for taxation and tax collection in Finland.

The occupational safety and health authorities (Regional State Administrative Agencies) supervise Finnish workplaces and issue advice related to employment relationships, occupational safety, work discrimination, and inappropriate treatment at work.

Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides social security coverage for people living in Finland through the different stages of their lives.

The Finnish National Agency for Education and the Study In Finland service provide information about studying in Finland.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for matters related to, for example, science, education, and early childhood education.

Helping Ukrainians

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for Finland’s internal security and migration, and provides information about the situation in Ukraine. 

The Finnish Red Cross (FRC) helps people in times of crises in Finland and abroad.

The Assistance system for victims o human trafficking helps people to recognise human trafficking and offers help for victims of human trafficking.

Health and welfare

The Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL) provides reliable information on health and welfare.

THL’s data bank is a collection of health care instructions and materials in Ukrainian.

Other information

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for Finland’s internal security and migration.

The Finnish Government holds the supreme executive power in Finland. The Government actively informs people on the effects of the crisis in Ukraine.