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Cancelling an application

You may cancel your application at any time while it is pending. In such a case, we will stop processing your application and make a decision on the expiry of your application. You cannot appeal the expiry decision to an Administrative Court.

If you cancel your application, the processing fee will not be returned to you.

Cancelling a residence permit application or a citizenship application

  • You may cancel your application by writing to us in Finnish, Swedish or English.
  • The form of this written notification is free, but you must date it and sign it.
  • You can also cancel your application by e-mail but you must write to us from the e-mail address you have given in your application.
  • If you wish, you may also tell us the reason for cancelling your application.
  • Send your notification directly to the Finnish Immigration Service or a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate).

Cancelling an asylum application

  • You may cancel your application by giving us a written notification. You can write it in your native language.
  • You must personally give the notification to an official of the Finnish Immigration Service, the police, the border authorities, or the director or the deputy director of a reception centre.
  • Your notification must clearly and explicitly state that you are cancelling your asylum application. Date and sign the notification.
  • When you hand over your notification:
    • Two competent witnesses are asked to be present. The witnesses may be officials of the Finnish Immigration Service, border control authorities or police authorities.
    • You will be asked to state your opinion on your potential removal from Finland and prohibition of entry.
  • The Finnish Immigration Service will make a decision on the expiry of your application. At the same time, the Finnish Immigration Service may decide that you will be removed from Finland and prohibit you from entering the country, if there are grounds for it.
  • After you have received an expiry decision, you may apply for assisted voluntary return to your home country. Ask your reception centre for more information about assisted voluntary return.