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Residence permit

Income requirement for family members of a person who has been granted a residence permit in Finland

You are required to have sufficient financial resources in Finland from other sources than benefits paid by the society.

For example, your financial resources can be secured by the income from employment or business activities of your family member living in Finland.

Your financial resources are calculated from your net income, that is, from income that remains after tax and after employer’s and employee’s pension and insurance contributions. 

The income requirement does not apply to all family members. Find out if the income requirement applies to you.

Some social benefits are considered income

Certain social benefits reduce the amount of financial resources required. These are called ‘social security benefits compensating for expenses’. For example the following benefits belong to this category:

  • child benefit
  • child care allowance
  • child maintenance allowance
  • study grant
  • housing allowance

The person you are dating is not your family member

When you apply for a permit on the basis of an established dating relationship or an intention to get married, the income of your partner who lives in Finland is not taken into account because under Finnish law, he or she is not considered to be your family member.

The funds you need to have to meet the income requirement (EUR 1,000 per month for one adult) must be freely available to you, for example in your personal bank account.

Approximate amounts of money needed to secure an applicant’s financial resources in Finland

Person EUR/month EUR/year
one adult 1,000 12,000
another adult living in the same household 700 8,400
one family member younger than 18 500 6,000
second family member younger than 18 400 4,800
third family member younger than 18 300 3,600
fourth family member younger than 18 200 2,400
fifth family member younger than 18 100 1,200
sixth family member younger than 18 and other family members after that 0 0


For example, a family of two adults and two children under 18 years of age needs a total of EUR 2,600 per month to have sufficient financial resources (EUR 1,000+700+500+400).

A family of a single parent and four children younger under 18 years of age needs EUR 2,400 per month to have secure means of support (EUR 1,000+500+400+300+200).

Exceptions to the income requirement are only made in exceptional cases

An exemption may be made from the income requirement if there are exceptionally weighty reasons for this or if it is in the best interests of a child.

If you feel that you should not be required to have sufficient financial resources, please attach the necessary reasons and documents to your residence permit application.