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Termination of reception services

After your asylum application has been processed, you need to leave the reception centre.

If the police are unable to remove you from Finland but it would be possible for you to return to your home country on your own initiative, you may use reception services for an additional 30 days. For example, it may be impossible to remove you from the country if there are no suitable traffic connections or if your home country refuses to receive persons who return under police escort.

The police will inform the reception centre if it is impossible to refuse you entry and you cannot be returned to your home country. After this, you will have 30 days to return to your home country on your own initiative or apply for assisted voluntary return.

After 30 days, you will no longer receive reception services. This means that you can no longer stay at the reception centre and you will no longer receive a reception allowance or other services offered by the reception centre, such as health care.

Children who have arrived in Finland without a guardian are an exception. Their reception services will not end. In other words, children can continue to live at the reception centre until they are removed from Finland.


Statistics on asylum seekers whose reception services have been terminated can be found on the statistics page that contains information about reception centres.