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Other grounds for an exception to the language skills requirement

1. Work-related grounds

An exception to the language skills requirement can be made if it is unreasonably difficult for you to hold a permanent full-time job without Finnish citizenship.

Exceptions for this reason are very rare, however, because there are very few jobs that require Finnish citizenship.

2. Other special and weighty reasons

An exception to the language skills requirement can also be made if it is impossible for you to acquire sufficient language skills for other compelling reasons that are not related to your age, health, illiteracy or work.

If you are applying for an exception to the language skills requirement based on such reasons, you should state them all in your application and attach to your application all statements and documents that support your reasons.

Also attach to your application a statement of your Finnish or Swedish language studies and the certificates you have received for them.

When the Finnish Immigration Service evaluates the grounds you have presented, your entire individual situation in life and all circumstances affecting it are taken into account. Your own experience of the way these grounds affect your language skills does not guarantee that you will be granted an exception to the language skills requirement.

For example, the following reasons are not sufficient grounds for an exception:

  • You have lived in Finland for a long time or have not committed any crimes. Meeting the other requirements for citizenship does not affect the assessment of the language skills requirement or justify an exception to this requirement.
  • Travelling with your current passport is difficult.
  • Your family members already have Finnish citizenship.
  • A difficult life situation prevents you from studying at the moment. The obstacles to learning the language have to be permanent, which means that for example, taking care of a relative or being the parent of small children does not entitle you to an exception.

Please also note that we cannot assess whether it is possible for you to study or learn the language if you have only participated in language studies for a short time or not at all.