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Residence permit

Personal identity code in connection with a residence permit

When you are granted a residence permit or a residence card or your right of residence is registered by the Finnish Immigration Service, your personal information will in most cases automatically be registered in the Finnish Population Information System. You will also be issued a personal identity code.

What is a personal identity code?

A personal identity code is a number sequence with 11 characters, formed on the basis of your date of birth and your gender. You will need your personal identity code in your contacts with for instance public authorities, banks and employers. Each personal identity code is unique.

Registration in the Population Information System

The registration is possible only if

  • you get a positive decision on your application
  • you have not already been registered in the system, and
  • a Finnish authority has verified your identity.

You will be registered in the Population Information System with the information on your travel document (for example your passport or identity card). Therefore, it is important that you spell your name on the application form exactly as it is spelled on your travel document.

You can also request registration afterwards

If you cannot be registered in the Population Information System when you get a positive decision on your application, you can ask for registration at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency after you have arrived in Finland.

Getting a municipality of residence

You are not automatically registered as a resident of a certain locality when you receive a personal identity code. This means that you are not automatically given a municipality of residence. Your municipality of residence can be a city, a town or an ordinary municipality. You need a municipality of residence in order to use the services provided by the city, town or municipality, such as health care and child day care. In order to be registered with a municipality of residence, you need to visit the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.