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Using the statistical service

  • Go to the page
  • Select "Applications" or "Decisions" in the top left margin.
  • On the timeline, select the period you wish to view. You can select a period by dragging the selector.
  • In the top left corner, you can see the total number of applications or decision for the selected period.
  • You can view the statistics more specifically by narrowing down your selections in the menu to the left.

When you change your selections, the figures will change accordingly. By placing the mouse pointer on a bar on the chart, you will often get additional information.

The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Results covering less than six applications or decisions are shown in the graphics as grey (disabled). The purpose of this is to ensure that no single applicant can be identified from the statistics.

Terminology relating to decisions

The statistics are based on the information in the Register of Aliens.


‘Unspecified’ refers to decisions and applications regarding travel documents, statistics on which do not separate data according to nationality, gender, and age group. The category ‘unspecified’ is visible on the front page under nationality, gender, and age group when no customer group, such as residence permits, has been selected.

Decisions – International protection – Asylum applications

Positive, explanations

Example image of the distribution of positive decisions.Asylum

An asylum seeker is given refugee status if he or she is granted asylum.

Subsidiary protection

If the requirements for granting asylum are not met, the Finnish Immigration Service may grant a residence permit based on subsidiary protection. In this case, the asylum seeker is given subsidiary protection status.

Humanitarian protection

Until 16 May 2016, Finland was able to grant asylum seekers humanitarian protection if the requirements for granting asylum or subsidiary protection were not met. As of 16 May 2016, this type of international protection no longer exists due to an amendment to the Aliens Act.


Others includes the following types of decisions:

  • residence permits granted in cases of obstacles to leaving the country
  • residence permits granted on a discretionary basis on humanitarian grounds
  • residence permits granted to victims of human trafficking.

If an asylum seeker has submitted a separate residence permit application and a decision on that application has been made at the same time as on the asylum application, also the residence permit decision will be included in these statistics.

Negative, explanations

Example image of the distribution of negative decisions.

Manifestly unfounded

If an application is found to be manifestly unfounded, it can be processed in an accelerated procedure.

Dismissed, explanations

Example image of the distribution of decisions to dismiss an asylum application.


The Finnish Immigration Service may choose to dismiss an asylum application and not process it if, for example, the asylum seeker has arrived to Finland from a safe country or if another country is responsible for the processing of the application.


If another EU member state is responsible for processing an asylum application, the application will not be processed in Finland; instead, the asylum seeker will be refused entry and returned to the responsible member state.