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Security checks at the Finnish Immigration Service

Before you enter the customer facilities of the Finnish Immigration Service, you may be required to undergo a security check.

  • Your belongings will be x-rayed.
  • You are not allowed to bring with you any dangerous items or substances.
  • You must walk through a metal detection gate.
  • If necessary, a security officer may inspect your clothes and your body by feeling with their hands. In this case, the security officer will always be of the same sex as you.

If you have an appointment, you should arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointed time. To make the security check as smooth as possible, please take off all items that contain large amounts of metal, such as belts or large pieces of jewellery, and place them on the x-ray conveyor belt for inspection.

If you have metal in your body, for instance a prosthesis or an artificial joint, you should mention this to the security officer. Even sequins, metal buttons or wired undergarments may set off an alarm.

You must go through security every time you enter the customer facilities. Even if you only take a break outside and return inside, you must go through security again.

The security checks conducted at the Finnish Immigration Service are regulated by the Act on Security Checks at the Finnish Immigration Service (in Finnish).

The employees conducting the security checks have been trained for the task.