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Residence permit application for person with a degree completed in Finland

Apply for a residence permit on the basis of work with this application if you have studied and completed a degree in Finland. You must have a signed employment contract or a binding job offer.

If you do not yet have a job, or you have a job but you do not earn enough to be issued with a residence permit on the basis of work,

  • Expected processing time for an electronic application

    2–4 months

  • Expected processing time for a paper application

    2–4 months

  • Electronic application fee

    First permit  380 € / extended permit 160 €

  • Paper application fee

    First permit 480 € / extended permit 430 €

This is what you should do


Fill in the application:

When can I start working?

First residence permit

You cannot start working before you get a residence permit. Once you are granted a residence permit for work, you may work without restrictions regardless of your field of study.

Extended permit

If you apply for an extended permit before your residence permit for studies or research expires, you may continue working or start a new employment already before your application for an extended permit has been decided. If you have applied for an extended permit, you may work without restrictions (for example full time) regardless of your field of study. If you receive a negative decision on your extended permit application, you are not allowed to continue working even if you appeal the decision.