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Finnish Immigration Service on social media


Videos produced by the Finnish Immigration Service are available on our YouTube channel.


The Finnish Immigration Service has a Facebook page for its clients. On the page, we share information and instructions on residence permits, citizenship and applying for asylum, among other things.

Our customer service advisor answers to frequently asked questions from clients on the page. For information security reasons, you cannot send private messages to us. We serve you in Finnish, English and Swedish on the page.


The Finnish Immigration Service has a Twitter account:

The general profile is maintained by the Press and Communications Services of the Finnish Immigration Service.

We use Twitter to provide information about the Finnish Immigration Service, and to share current information, such as statistics. Twitter is a channel for dialogue and interaction, and for asking questions about matters within our area of responsibility.

As with any other channel, our communication on Twitter is fact-based and open. When appropriate, we express opinions based on the core values of the Finnish authorities, for example opposing racism or in support of basic and human rights and the rule of law.

Principles of dialogue

Our policy is to answer all relevant questions in accordance with the principle of equality. We do not engage in lengthy debates.

If necessary, we will refer a person asking a question to the appropriate authority if the question deals with matters beyond our jurisdiction.

The obligation to maintain confidentiality prevents us from commenting on matters related to individual customers.

We can block users from communicating with our profiles if they repeatedly send messages characterised by racism, criminal incitement or other forms of harassment. We will not notify users that they have been blocked.


The Finnish Immigration Service has a LinkedIn page where we share information about current vacancies and about working for us. On our LinkedIn page you can keep up to date with our latest news and current events and find out about the wide-ranging duties at the Finnish Immigration Service.


The Finnish Immigration Service has an Instagram account (@maahanmuuttovir) aimed at students and researchers. On our Instagram, we provide information and advice related to residence permits for students and researchers. 

On Instagram, you can ask us questions in Finnish, English and Swedish. For data security reasons, it is not possible to send us private messages.


We are on Reddit under the username u/maahanmuuttovir and will be hosting Ask Me Anything sessions, or AMA interviews. An AMA session is an opportunity for us to respond to questions and inform of permits and our services. Questions can be directed to us in English, Finnish or Swedish. For data security reasons, it is not possible to send us private messages but you can tag us if you want to ask us about something in a post.