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Citizenship declaration for a young person with long-term residence in Finland

Apply with this declaration for Finnish citizenship if you are 18 to 22 years of age, you have not been sentenced to imprisonment, you have lived in Finland for at least ten years in total or have been born in Finland and have lived here for at least six years in total. If you also wish to apply for Finnish citizenship for a minor child in your care you need a supplement form for him or her. A child has the right to be granted citizenship only in connection with the application of the person who has custody of him or her.

  • Expected processing time for electronic application

    11 months

  • Expected processing time for paper application

    11 months

  • Electronic application fee

    120 €

  • Paper application fee

    160 €

This is what you should do


Make sure you meet the requirements for becoming a citizen.


Make sure you have all the attachments needed for the application and that they are up to date. If necessary, have them translated and legalised.


Fill in your application.


Pay for your electronic application in the e-service Enter Finland. Pay for a paper application at a service point.


Book an appointment for a visit at a service point. To submit a citizenship application, you must visit a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service in Finland.


Wait for a decision. The Finnish Immigration Service will contact you if necessary.


Make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18–22 years of age
  • Your identity has been reliably established
    • You can establish your identity by showing us reliable documents (such as your passport) or by giving us reliable information about at least your real name, date of birth, nationality and family ties. When we are determining your identity, we will also take into account any information you have given us earlier about your identity.
  • You have not been sentenced to imprisonment
  • You live in Finland and have lived here for at least 10 years on a continuous residence permit (an A or P permit), with the last two years without interruption.
    • If you were born in Finland, the required period of residence is shorter. In this case, you need to have lived in Finland for six years, with the last two years without interruption.
    • If you have lived in another Nordic country before you turned 16, this is considered the same as living in Finland, but only the last five years before you made your declaration are taken into account. The Nordic countries are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

These requirements must be met at the time you give us the declaration.

Application-specific attachments

  • Valid passport or another identity document if you do not have a passport
  • Statement on moving inside Finland or abroad
  • Co-applicants’ supplement form, KAN6_ILM_A (in Finnish, in Swedish)