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Registering an EU citizen's right of residence

Residence card and validity

The sponsor must fulfil the requirements for registering the right of residence before you can get a residence card.

A residence card is issued for five years at a time. It can also be issued for a shorter time if you plan to stay in Finland for less than five years. After five years, you may get a permanent residence card.

If your residence card has been granted for a period shorter than five years and you stay longer, you should submit a new application.

If you misplace your card, the card is damaged or the information on the card is no longer valid, submit an application to renew your residence card. Fill out the application on Enter Finland under “Renewal of residence permit card or residence card for a family member of an EU citizen”. You can pay for your application through Enter Finland or later at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. Submit your application through Enter Finland and book an appointment for identification at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service in our appointment system

If you are unable to use Enter Finland, fill out the EU_KORTTI application on paper and then book an appointment at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service in our appointment system

Your new residence card will be delivered to a Matkahuolto service point

Once a decision has been issued, the card will be sent to your nearest Matkahuolto service point within two weeks. You will receive a notification of arrival by email and text message, containing the Matkahuolto consignment number, the address of the Matkahuolto service point and the last day when the card is still available for collection. If you do not have a phone number or an email address, the Matkahuolto notification of arrival will be sent to you by post. When collecting your card, bring with you:

  • the message from Matkahuolto containing the consignment number, and
  • a certificate of a pending residence card application containing the PIN code required for collection (The PIN code is the bar code of the certificate).
    • You can log in to your Enter Finland account and print out a new certificate of a pending application.
    • If you have submitted a paper application, a new certificate of a pending application will be posted to you to your home address once a decision has been issued.

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