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Finnish citizenship for a child

Under the Nationality Act, a child means an unmarried person who is under 18 years of age.

A child can acquire Finnish citizenship:

  • based on the mother’s, father’s or both parents’ citizenship (by descent)
  • as a co-applicant when the child's parent or guardian applies for Finnish citizenship
  • on application
  • by declaration

If a child is born to you abroad and the child is a Finnish citizen, notify the Digital and Population Data Services Agency ( of the birth of the child.

If you want to find out if a child has acquired Finnish citizenship by descent through the mother or father, you can request the Finnish Immigration Service to determine the child’s citizenship status.

Parents who are foreign nationals

If you are applying for Finnish citizenship, either on application or by declaration, you can add your child as a co-applicant. The child must be under 18 years of age, and you must have custody of the child. If you add your child as a co-applicant, the child can become a Finnish citizen at the same time with you. If you are applying for citizenship by submitting a citizenship application, the co-applicant child must also live in Finland.

You will find the supplement forms for co-applicants on the application’s or declaration’s own page.

If your child is born while your application is pending, you can add the child as a co-applicant to your application by filling in a supplement form for your child.

Normally, a minor child to a foreign national may become a Finnish citizen only if the child is included in the parent’s or guardian’s citizenship application as a co-applicant. Children can apply for Finnish citizenship without a parent or guardian only for a weighty reason that is related to the best interest of the child.

Book an appointment to visit a service point ( to submit your child’s application. Bring the child with you when you submit the form. 

A child who is born in Finland to parents who are foreign nationals may become a Finnish citizen based on his or her place of birth only in exceptional cases.